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ShipPromo is a simple to use shipping and local delivery solution for consumer, e-commerce, retail direct to consumer sellers and restaurants.

Our online booking platform is for both consumer and business customers needing to make parcel or freight shipments and schedule local deliveries on demand.  

As a shipping and delivery solution for e-commerce and direct to consumer sellers, our Saas is available for plug and play integration in the marketplaces of 40+ e-commerce and sales platforms or by direct integration with our API.

Anyone! ShipPromo has solutions for businesses and consumers.

You can send packages to or from anywhere carriers on our platform offer services (Worldwide).

Freight is currently only in North America.

Yes, our guest checkout allows you to ship parcel and freight and schedule local deliveries without creating an account.

You can schedule deliveries and send packages or freight without a subscription plan, it’s our guest checkout option.  A subscription will help you save more if you ship or schedule deliveries frequently. Some of our business solutions require account creation and/or a subscription.

If you send or deliver items frequently, our monthly subscription plans help you save even more. Find a subscription plan that fits your budget, and pay less per transaction.

Subscription plans are monthly, so you can change plans or cancel anytime.

A link to print your package or freight shipping label is found on the ‘Thank You’ page after booking your shipment. A confirmation email is also sent to you with a link to print your label.

We don’t provide a scale to weigh your items being sent, however we recommend you use one so items you’re sending have the correct weight.

At this time, ShipPromo is not offering this service. However, packaging of items to be shipped, among other services are being planned. We’ll keep you posted when and where these services become available.

We do not provide printers or labels for your printer. These items can be purchased at office supply stores or online. Thermal label printers use a 4” x 6” roll size or with a standard printer use 8.5 x 11 inch paper to print your labels.

ShipPromo now offers package pickup! Select this option when creating a package shipment.

If ShipPromo is not selected to pickup your package, alternatively, once you’ve created a shipment and attached the label to your package, you can arrange pickup directly with the carrier or drop off your package at one of that carrier’s drop off locations. Our map feature shows you the closest drop locations for the carrier you’ve booked with.

During the booking process you schedule the pickup day and time with the carrier. Attach the shipping label on the item being sent and provide the BOL to the carrier when they arrive.

Call your carrier directly with any questions.

Yes. For package shipments, you can select package pickup during the booking process.  For freight shipments, you schedule the date and time during the booking process. To schedule a local delivery, or for delivery from your favorite stores or restaurants, you schedule this online or using the app. 

For packages, always check with your carrier before sending items to ensure larger packages are within the acceptable dimension and weight. Below are parameters for the following carriers

USPS: with the exception of Retail Ground, has a maximum length and girth (distance around package at thickest part) combined of 108” and weight of 70lbs. With USPS Retail Ground, girth can be 130”.

UPS: Length and girth combined maximum is 165” and weight is up to 150lbs. UPS considers a package ‘Large’ when its length + girth (2 x width) + (2 x height) is over 118” up to the maximum. Special fees are assessed for these size packages.

FedEx: 108” maximum length, 165” maximum length + girth, weight up to 150 lbs.

DHL Express: 48x48x63”, 150lbs
*Time sensitive and other DHL Express products have different weight/dimension requirements.

For other carriers, check with them directly to ensure packages you send with ShipPromo meet their size/weight guidelines.

For freight, shipments must be over 150 pounds, with no maximum weight*.

*  If you question the weight of the item being sent, please contact your carrier directly.

For local deliveries, we have vehicles that can service most delivery requests.  Contact us if you have further questions about whether your items can be delivered with ShipPromo.

On the ‘Thank You’ page after creating a package shipment, a tracking number link is provided. You’ll also receive an email with the same link attached.

For Freight tracking is provided through the carrier, however we will be offering tracking through the Koala platform soon.

For delivery, certain products we offer provide gps real time tracking and sms updates on order status and scheduled delivery times.  Which tracking and/or notifications offered can be found when scheduling your deliveries.

ShipPromo can be conveniently used on a desktop or laptop computer, and on tablet or mobile devices, we go where you go!  Download the ShipPromo app for even better usability features.

After 30 days, unused package labels will automatically be credited back to your original payment method.

For Freight or local deliveries, depending on your pickup date and/or time, contact ShipPromo to determine if a shipment or delivery can be canceled and a refund issued.

Initiate questions or concerns through our live chat. If requesting information outside of support hours, please provide contact information and a ShipPromo representative will respond to your request promptly.